Hyperthermia + Chemo (Single Shot)

Thermal chemotherapy as short treatment for various kinds of metastatic conditions

.: Short Treatment Times Since 1994 the Hyperthermie-Tagesklinik has been offering patients special hyperthermia therapy. With thermal chemotherapy (TCHT) with extreme wholebody hyperthermia (60 to 90 minutes above 42 °C core body temperature) patients receive a short, intense treatment. They remain in the clinic for a week for therapy and initial recovery. Then they return home again for six weeks before the therapy is repeated.

.: SCareful Observation The response of the patient to the first treatment is carefully monitored. The therapy is only repeated if a verifiable success can be observed, and then twice in intervals of eight weeks. A reaction can also be expected with lung and bone metastases, e.g. in the form of immediate reduction of pain. Patients recover from the TCHT in our comfortable private hospital. This post-treatment care comprises of a series of medication which enable them to recover, as well as, initially, daily blood tests.

.: Contact Hyperthermie-Tagesklinik City Point / Kortumstraße 87–89 44787 Bochum
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.: Beds and Rooms Hotel comfort
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Dortmund Airport: 32.4 km Düsseldorf Airport: 39.3 km Motorway: 3.0 km Central train station: 1.5 km

Underground: 0.1 km

Prof. Dr. Karl Bremer Dr. Arno Meyer
Director of Oncology, Director of the Hyperthermia Department
responsible for chemotherapy Anaesthetist and Chief Physician

Medical Services

.: Combination Treatment Thermal chemotherapy (TCHT) is a combination treatment with a high level of tolerance for patients with malignant neoplasm diseases of the mammary gland, the gastrointestinal tract (especially cancer of the pancreas), the lungs, the urogenital tract (especially ovarian cancer), the skin, the bones and soft tissue, as well as with some advanced malignant tumours in the mouth and throat area (especially lymph node metastasis). In principle, adeno and squamous cell carcinoma with or without metastasis, osteogenic and soft tissue sarcomata of virtually every localization, malignant melanoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma and also the malignant pleura mesotheliom can be treated. TCHT is an effective alternative when conventional treatment methods do not have any effect or have ceased to have an effect. As firstline therapy the Hyperthermie-Tagesklinik Bochum treats inoperable pancreas cancer and CUP syndrome (cancer of unknown primary site) with TCHT. If the patient responds positively to the therapy then a significant improvement in both life expectancy as well as in the quality of life, or respectively, the retention of the quality of life is to be expected.

.: Team of Specialists Specialists The Hyperthermie-Tagesklinik Bochum consists of a small team of specialist doctors who have been working together for 15 years: Dr. Arno Meyer/hyperthermia (director), Prof. Dr. Karl Bremer/ oncology and Dr. Rainer Lohmann/anaesthesia. Several languages are spoken among the doctors and care personnel including English, Arabian, Russian, and Italian. The members of staff take cultural differences into account and make extra provisions for special wishes in respect to eating habits or the gender of care personnel. The Hyperthermie-Tagesklinik Bochum takes special care of their patients and includes them actively in every decision.

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